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Lockup benefits

DEFI is gradually increasing the target price of 0.0015EOS by 5 times on Newdex. Users can lock in with the increase to get a profit. Each week, they can exchange 1% of the DEFI locked amount into EOS at the target price.

Resonance treasure

Resonance uses EOS to participate in the hashtag, and investing one EOS can win a maximum of 500,000 DEFI awards, with a value of more than 150 EOS.

Hash Lottery

The draw of the treasure is completely based on the blockchain hash, which is 100% open and transparent.

1.2 times return

The DEFI obtained by investing in EOS is automatically sublimated and returned at 1.2 times. After each round, the amount of DEFI invested by 1 EOS is reduced by 1% from the previous round.

Daily dividends

Participate in resonance or sublimation, and float the DEFI dividend every day until the dividend is 1.2 times the DEFI.

Ranking rewards

20% of the total sublimation DEFI is used to reward the 10 users who have the most resonance /sublimation times per day.

Looking to the future

DeFind's goal is to be the world's first decentralized digital investment bank. EOS with a resonance income of 25% is used to invest in early-stage projects. Holding DEFI as a collateral, you can continuously obtain project sub-coins.

Official customer service WeChat:defindinvest

Real blockchain project, support all EOS wallets, access URL in wallet Both can participate, it is recommended to use the wallet to avoid all operations of the CPU

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