The first in the world
Decentralized EOS mutual fund
Wallet + App + Investment

Lock-up income

You can get the redemption amount by locking DEFI
Within the premium exchange quota
5 times per week
Exchange DEFI to EOS
EOS redeemed in real time

Fission income

10% DEFI of the lock-up volume of the first generation team
DEFI of the second generation team with 8% of locked positions
DEFI locked up by 6% for three generation teams
The 4th generation team has a DEFI of 4%.
DEFI with 5% team lockup 2%

All DEFI commissions are credited in real time and can be sold at any time

Currency price gain

Pull up three periods, each time 5 times, a total of 125 times
Crowdfunding together to create hundred times coins
And earn interest every week in the process

Looking to the future

The ultimate goal of DeFind is to become the entrance to the entire blockchain world, and to give back all the benefits generated to all DEFI holders.

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Real blockchain project, support all EOS wallets, access URL in wallet Both can participate, it is recommended to use the wallet to avoid all operations of the CPU

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